"Dios está de parte de los dictadores, casi todos mueren en sus camas.
Ahora no tengo nada, y ya nada importa de mí.
No conozco mi país y en él casi nadie me conoce a mí. "
Cena con un perro rojo

I WILL NOT CRY , by Sonia M. Martin

I promise Love, I will not cry,
Why will I cry? Why?
I cried enough, today I will not cry.
Why will I cry?
This poem...
Like divine light I'll leave for you
In each stanza you will find love,
But to cry, why will I cry? Why?
It will be laughter in every line,
In each arpeggio my smile you'll find,
What a sacrilege!...To cry
Why will I cry?
I promise Love, I will not cry,
All my tears I gave away.
If I cried so much... today I won't do that
Why would I cry? For you? To cry again?

Sonia M. Martin
Translated from Spanish by Olga Y. Mancinelli
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